recent projects

Sabrina - alpha version 1.0 - 7.9.2017

an open-source voice search

coming soon

mbtc - version 1.0 - 6.5.2017

Mobile Browser Tab Color
A Wordpress plugin that changes the color of the tab header in supported mobile browsers. Option is under 'Settings' -> General.


let it die subreddit - version 1.0 - 12.5.2016

desktop / mobile css styling - based on Naut

destiny legacy subbreddit - version 1.0 - 11.15.2016

desktop / mobile css styling - based on "dark no frills" by: V / and css work by: Amor Kumar
theme based on "Be Brave" emblem and "Old Guard" shader

hangman 270 - version 2.0 - released 7.16.2016 (originally hangman 280, 3.10.2016)

a "hangman-style" game in 270 characters - version 1.0 - released 12.8.2015

a user-aggregate drop-data site for Destiny.

dosgameoftheday - version 2.0 - released 5.10.2015 - back online

tweets a random game from the web archive's msdos game collection.


97pinkzeppelins - version 1.0 - released 3.17.2015 - currently null

tweets every time 97 rock plays a led zeppelin or pink floyd song.


sonic farm studio - website - released 5.2014

custom Wordpress design and development

sonic farm studio

unum cms - beta 0.6b - released 4.1.2014

a one file html5 cms - go to site for more info! - a one file html5 cms

build a blocker - version 1.0 - released 2.12.2014

now you can write your very own blockers for facebook with absolutely no coding knowledge!

on site, just click here and follow the instructions

philip seymour hoffman blocker - version 1.0 - released 2.2.2014

sick of philip seymour hoffman already? me too. block it all from facebook.

on site, right click here to download. run in greasemonkey / chrome users, drag and drop

pic hac poe - version 1.0 - released 1.15.2014

a web version of tic-tac-toe, written in php. sends you a text and an email when the other player has made their move. no check for winner yet though!

features coming soon: a check to see who won the game, and a basic AI so you don't have to wait on anyone to play with.

on site, click here

randomflix - version 1.1 - released 1.3.2014

a web-script to select a random movie on the netflix home page.

userscripts / greasemonkey
direct link for chrome users (right click and save as, download and drop and drag into your extensions in chrome settings)

bitstrips blocker - version 2.0 - released 1.2.2014

a web-script to block bitstrips from facebook - works as a script, not compatible with firefox 26+ (yet).

userscripts / greasemonkey

bitstrips blocker - version 1.0 - released 10.30.2013

a web-script to block bitstrips from facebook, available as a firefox add-on. tested on firefox 17-23.

firefox addon

coming soon - version 1.0 - late 201X

a web application to help you visually manage your money